We have put together some guides to fix issues with your MAG box.

Please note that our support engineers can not do those steps from our side.

We ask you to try and follow the guides if you ran into one of the described issues before contacting Live Chat.


2016/11/14 DVR 2.0 Beta - TV archive on all platforms!

We have completely reworked our video recording system, and are proud to introduce the new improved version. The biggest
upgrades are:

- redundancy (multiple feeds recorded per channel, ensuring that every channel will be recorded even if some sources are

- balancing (recorded feeds will play more smoothly during high network load, and you will be watching from a server most
optimal for your physical location)

- monitoring (if recording fails even with redundancy added, it will be resumed within seconds)

Most importantly, once the beta is over (in a few weeks), video archive will be available on all platforms - Web, Kodi, and
Matrix TV Browser. MAG boxes will also benefit from the upgrade - we have updated the middleware and NTV now supports all
the newer MAG models.

If you have a MAG box, you need to update to the latest firmware.
A guide on how to to this is available here