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GREAT NEWS 01 02 2011

Premier League TV football choice 'upheld' by EU advice

Karen Murphy used the Greek firm Nova to show Premier League games

Broadcasters cannot stop customers using cheaper foreign satellite TV equipment to watch Premier League football,
an EU legal adviser has said.

A non-binding opinion from advocate Juliane Kokott of the European Court of Justice said a block breached EU laws.

Portsmouth pub landlady Karen Murphy, fined for using Greek decoders, had argued the EU single market should let her
use any European provider.

Sky has the exclusive broadcast rights for Premier League football in the UK.

The satellite broadcaster has pumped billions into top flight English football since the league was founded in 1992,
with the money given to clubs allowing them to buy some of the top names in the world.

'Contrary to EU law'

The case at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has been about whether a rights holder such as the Premier League
can license its content on a country-by-country basis.

Such a set-up has allowed the league to fully maximise the value of its rights.

Although Advocate General Kokott's opinion is not binding, judges usually follow the guidance from the advocate.

If they do, selling sport, movies, or any other content, on an exclusive territory-by-territory basis within the EU may
no longer be possible.

"The exclusivity agreement relating to transmission of football matches are contrary to European Union law," she said
in her opinion.

"(The) exclusivity rights in question have the effect of partitioning the internal market into quite separate national markets,
something which constitutes a serious impairment of the freedom to provide services."

Pub TV football choice 'upheld' by a European Court

The way football is broadcast on TV by satellite may be completely restructured after a European court hearing.

Judges in Luxembourg have been advised that companies - such as Sky - cannot prevent customers using cheap foreign
equipment to watch Premier league football because it breaches EU laws.

A pub landlady in Portsmouth, Karen Murphy, was fined for using Greek decoders, but argued the EU single market should
let her use any European provider.

Her lawyer, Paul Dixon, says this means that citizens of the EU are "free to subscribe to television services from wherever
they originate within the EU''

Watch Paul Dixon the lawyer for Karen Murphy here
Football packages: alternative cheaper way to watch football on satellite TV  

Football on tv is not only from SKY. There are plenty of cheaper options that not only will show you Premiere League games
but also live games from other European leagues.

Italian Serie A, Bundesliga, Liga, and others are all on satellite, some at a fraction of the cost SKY UK normally charges.

To receive most of those European channels you will probably need a bigger dish than the SKY one, (normally a 60/80cm
will set you up for most of the European satellites), and a satellite receiver able to read cards.

Here are a few of the popular football packages. They are available as full installation packages or just as a subscription only,
which you can order from our shop and have it delivered. Other cards/subscriptions from other European and Middle East
broadcasters and multi satellite options are available.


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