The world is moving fast, and this is the age of Kodi. No one likes to wait for
their favorite TV shows to air when they can simply turn their TVs into smart
televisions with the help of Android streaming TV boxes. Collecting DVDs is
old fashioned when movies can just be streamed. One such device that can
make your life easier is the MXQ Pro 4K.

The MXQ Pro 4K is a TV box that streams content like a pro. Loaded with
amazing features and running on Android 5.1 Lollipop with a quad-core
processor, this TV box is incredible. The best part is that compared to its
contemporaries, it comes at a low price. Hence, you can run all the programs
you like and ditch your cable connection at an affordable price with the MXQ

The MXQ Pro 4K comes in a black box with golden letters on it. Tucked
inside it are the TV box and accompanying accessories, which are all
wrapped in thermopile. The MXQ box itself is black in color with the name of
the device written on top in white. It’s made of plastic, but this plastic is not
the sort that breaks with one fall. Rather, it is made of quality material, so it
can withstand some wear and tear.
The box is square in shape and is not exactly sleek or stylish; instead, it’s a
bit boring. The black is not glossy but dull. It also has some ports on the
back with an antenna. When it is in the package, the product weighs a lot,
but when you take out the MXQ TV box, you’d be surprised to notice that it is
It comes with a sturdy AC power adapter that can be used for other gadgets
as well. The remote that comes along is nothing special but gets the job
done. It is wide with some rows of color-coded buttons, a D-pad, and a
number pad. 1 RCA cable, HDMI cable, and user guide also come along with
You can notice that the English written on the packaging of the MXQ box and
inside the manual is choppy. However, that isn’t a huge concern. The manual
has extensive chapters on all the important matters and explains them quite

What lets the MXQ Pro down at times is the 1GB of RAM. Many streaming
boxes today ship with 2 GB to ensure smooth gaming and multitasking. We
haven’t run into any apparent slow-downs in our tests. But do keep in mind
that you are not getting the latest and greatest specs with this box.
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